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OFFER: African Staff Engagement Project

Organisations and African staff sometimes struggle with concerns and tensions which rumble around but which are not explicitly explored.  HS Consultancy can bring a high level of skill and sensitivity to exploring the issues.

HS Consultancy is keen to work with mental health provider organisations to work towards solutions in relation to issues that are often ‘under the radar’.  We have heard repeatedly that managers, human resources departments, colleagues and African staff in mental health services struggle with issues that fracture staff teams and offer potentially poorer treatment and care to users of services irrespective of ethnic background. The types of issues we have been told about are:


  • High numbers of African staff in 24hr services, particularly on night shift – with some service users finding this challenging in terms of identity (visibility), language (accent) barriers and cultural gaps in approaches to care and human relationships


  • Performance and capability issues that remain unchallenged or unresolved as managers find difficulty in negotiating race, culture, concerns about being prejudiced and resentment from other staff who feel justice is not being served.


  • Resentment of African staff in nursing and other clinical/practice roles who feel overlooked for development and promotion opportunities.


  • Tensions between different African ethnicities and between African and Caribbean people, with difficult dynamics occurring between staff members or between staff and patients.


We believe that despite the delicate nature of some of these issues it is important to address these, albeit with sensitivity, to ensure that service user care is not undermined in any way.


We at HS Consultancy, led by Hári Sewell, make you a compelling offer set out here.