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Hari Sewell's New Edited Book to be published 30th November 2012

The Equality Act 2010 and Mental Health is a new volume edited by Hari Sewell.  It presents details of the Act, application to practice and considererations for management of the equalities agenda. It is currently on Amazon for pre-order here


Introduction. Hári Sewell, HS Consultancy, UK.

Chapter 1. The Equality Act 2010: The Letter and Spirit of the Law. Jo Honigman, Just Equality, UK.

Chapter 2. The Case for a Single Equalities Approach. Melba Wilson, HS Consultancy, UK.

Chapter 3. Beyond Categories: Service Users as Complex Beings. Eleanor Hope, Sussex Partnership, UK.

Chapter 4. Gendered Practice. Sue Waterhouse, HS Consultancy, UK.

Chapter 5. Pregnancy and Maternity. Sue Waterhouse.

Chapter 6. Marriage and Civil Partnership. Hári Sewell.

Chapter 7 Age Equality. Barbara Vincent, Sussex Partnership, UK.

Chapter 8. Disability. Hári Sewell.

Chapter 9. Out and Equal: Towards Mental Health Equality for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual (LGB) People. Sarah Carr, Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), UK.

Chapter 10. Race and Mental Health. Marcel Vige, National Mind, UK and Hári Sewell.

Chapter 11. Gender Reassignment. Scott Durairaj and Jourdan Durairaj, Sussex Partnership Trust, UK.

Chapter 12. Spirituality and Equalities. Peter Duncan Gilbert, Staffordshire University, UK.

Chapter 13. The Prevalence of Traditional Psychiatric Models and Inherent Drivers of Inequality. Hári Sewell.

Chapter 14. Conflicts within the Equalities Agenda. Hári Sewell.

Chapter 15. The Impact of Cost Cutting on Equalities. Hári Sewell.

Chapter 16. Good Enough Plans and Strategies: Getting the Balance Right for Effective Planning and Decision-Making – From Expediency to Pragmatism. Melba Wilson.

Chapter 17. Applying Management Rigours to the Equality Agenda. Hári Sewell.

Chapter 18. The Financial Case for Tackling Inequality. Melba Wilson and Hári Sewell.

Chapter 19. Organisational Development Approaches. Hári Sewell and Cheryl Brodie, HS Consultancy, UK.

Chapter 20. Skilling the Workforce. Hári Sewell and Cheryl Brodie.

Chapter 21. Engaging Stakeholders and Communities. Hári Sewell.

Chapter 22. Knowledge Management, New Technologies and Equalities. Tony Jameson-Allen, Evolution Networking Ltd, UK.

Conclusion. Hári Sewell.