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Serbian u21s, Racism and What's Beneath the Surface in the UK

By Hári Sewell

Posted: Wednesday October 17 2012

Race and racism make headline news again and social media sites and national print and broadcast media demonstrate that there are mixed views about the response to be made and the merits of focusing on difference.  

The Serbian racist behaviours in the under 21s football match brings racism back into the headlines.  Many people will condemn the Serbian behavior but struggle with their own feelings about different minority groups.  Many people will experience revulsion at what happened but will feel uneasy that race and racism feature once again as dividing lines.  The reality is that most people are seeking a state of equilibrium, of stasis, where there is no turbulence to their emotional life or the assumptions underpinning their personal and professional relationships.  These assumptions include a belief that as long as we treat each other with respect we are united as humans, that a lack of articulated challenge equates to harmony and that differences are therefore irrelevant.  Test these assumptions.  Ask someone from different group if they share your assumptions and perceptions. 


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