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A White Man's Insights on White Privilege

By Macca & Hári Sewell

Posted: Monday November 13 2017

A conversation on social media emerged from a question posted by Hári Sewell: "Are you saying then that you believe that #BlackLivesMatter is racist?". The conversation flowed with a white woman explaining that the reverse would be labelled as racist (i.e. #WhiteLivesMatter) and she went on to explain that the inequalities she faces on the basis of her RACE are equally as bad.  Macca, identifying himself as White offered some insights into White Pivilege.  It is reproduced here to give it a wider audience and hopefully generate further informed debate. 



You have absolutely no understanding of history and you either don't comprehend the actual extent of what black people have had to endure at the hands of white people, or you do and you just lack the compassion and empathy to be able to look at why black pride and black empowerment are so paramount.


You speak of "white pride" being deemed as racist... what exactly are you proud of the white race for? What has the white race done that makes you so proud? Being proud to be white just because other people are proud to be black is just immature, e.g. "my dad is bigger than yours!" The black race are the most oppressed people on the planet, with black women having to deal with the combination of sexism and systematic racism and oppression on a daily basis. They have been disrespected and degraded for centuries by the white race, and more recently by an alarming number of black males, too... all of which ties into the enslavement, segragation and general oppression of the black race by the white race.


Black pride exists because it has to, to try and emancipate so many black people who are still bound by the mental aspects of slavery and segragation to this very day. The black race has been dragged to hell and back (and back again!) and they have rose from the ashes like a Phoenix, despite the system being designed to keep them oppressed and prevent them from being treated equally. If I was a member of the race that has been through such hardship and savage atrocities and STILL flourished against all odds in a world of the very people responsible for it all, I'd be extremely proud too! What has the white race done, except take responsibility for all of the above and SO MUCH MORE?! The white race has literally taken death and destruction everywhere that it has travelled - we have raped, pillaged and savagely slaughtered our way across the globe.


Black children grow up in a world where it is forced upon them that white is more beautiful than black... my own girlfriend has admitted that when her Mum bought her a black doll when she was little, she threw it away and said she wanted the white one. Black women have been plagued with the complex that their hair is less elegant than that of white women, hence why there is such a huge market for weaves, wigs and hair relaxing products. Black pride and empowering quotes like "Black is beautiful" are absolutely 100% necessary, and anyone who thinks differently  (especially if they're white) is just part of the problem.


Saying white is beautiful is not necessary, it's everywhere you look and white people have been depicted as the epitome of beauty for centuries. Look at Christianity, Jesus was born in the middle east and yet the whole world believes he was white?! White supremacy is very real, as is white privilege... and before you say anything, white privilege doesn't always mean a financial privilege.


Black pride and empowerment are essential for the next generations of black children, so they have some positive and uplifting black history to look back on. The only black history that was taught to the vast majority of black children of previous generations, was slavery... but slavery isn't black history, it interrupted black history. Slavery is white history. Not to mention that the full extent of how brutal and savage the transatlantic slave trade actually was isn't even taught.


Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however it's evident that yours have been formed through a complete lack of understanding of the full scope of the situation. You should be echoing "Black is beautiful" and "Black lives matter"... not saying "I think it's unfair" ???? are you actually serious with that?! Unfair?!?! I don't even know where to begin with unfair, but compared to black people trust me... white people have no concept of the word unfair!


What you need to do, instead of endorsing white supremacy by attempting to stop black people empowering each other and telling them that anything you feel ostracises or doesn't incorporate white people is wrong or worse yet "racist" (this is so inaccurate, not to mention pathetic, that I'm gobsmacked people like you can genuinely think this!), is LISTEN to what black people have to say on the matter. Listen to their plight - their struggles, frustrations and what they are faced with every day as non-white members of a society built BY white people FOR white people.


You and I can never fully understand how it feels to be black and go through what they go through on a daily basis, because we have never been and will never be black so we haven't had to experience what they have - we've never been the only black kid(s) in class at school when the topic of slavery comes up and you feel the whole class of white kids' eyes on you, and hear the sniggers and hurtful, insensitive comments from the kids of privileged families whose ancestors were responsible for the very demise of your own. This is just one example, as I have rambled on for FARRR too long already... but there are an endless list of more examples of why we can't have an accurate opinion of how it feels to be black in a society centred around a system of white supremacy.


You don't get to tell the victims of systematic racism and oppression what is and isn't racist, so please stop. The only racism that we as white people have to endure is a bit of name calling, and I know it hurts your feelings and you "think it's unfair" but it isn't even a drop in the ocean of what black people have had to endure. It's your choice whether you take any of this on-board and try and broaden your understanding of the overall situation.


None of the above has been said in disrespect or as a direct insult to you as an individual, so I hope you don't take it as such ?


As you can imagine the online conversation continued at length.  What's your view?


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